Support our National Media Diversity Month Campaign

Become a MMCA Ambassador

We are asking influential elected official, entertainer, or dignitary of color to participate in a national messaging campaign aimed at highlighting the importance of media diversity and the need to address barriers keeping people of color from owning and controlling media content. We are also asking Ambassadors to attend Community Champion and other grassroots engagement events, and lend their platforms to the cause.

Become a MMCA Issue Influencer

We are asking academics and media industry experts to participate in our media diversity solution series discussions and to allow us to share your original research and reports on media diversity topics. We are similarly asking media consumers to sign up to participate in MMCA’s national polling and local focus groups on media diversity and trust issues.  We also want to hear your views on other media issues of importance to you.

Become a MMCA Community Champion

We are asking local organizations and individuals to (1) host activation and other events that highlight and promote awareness and appreciation for local multicultural media stakeholders and advocacy organizations; and (2) rally others in your community to support multicultural programmers and programming. Champions will have their efforts promoted via our media partners and social media channels.

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