Juan Williams Named Television Broadcast Journalist of the Year

 In 2nd Annual MMCD

Fox News host and The Hill columnist Juan Williams was named Television Broadcast Journalist of the Year at the second annual Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

“I was pretty wowed by the honor,” Williams told reporter Ronica Cleary of Fox 5, a Washington Fox affiliate.

“It was a very tumultuous year in some ways given all the politics that happened and to go through that history-making cycle and then come out and be acknowledged by my peers as Broadcast Journalist of the year is pretty fantastic,” he added.

The Panama-born Williams, 63, has been with Fox News since 1997 and appears on programs across the network, most notably as a co-host of the roundtable opinion program, “The Five.”

Other notable honorees included SiriusXM’s Joe Madison winning Radio Journalist of the Year, Women’s Media Center’s Helen Zia winning Print Journalist of the Year and Lamia Rezgui of Voice of America winning International Journalist of the Year.

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