A lobbying group for Amazon, Facebook and Google is kicking off a new diversity initiative thanks to pressure from Congress

A key voice for Amazon, Facebook, Google and other tech giants in the nation’s capital is kicking off a new initiative to try to diversify the industry’s predominately white, male ranks… read more

Kerner report at 50: Media diversity still decades behind

Five decades ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed a committee to investigate the racial conflicts that seemed to be spiraling out of control across the country…. read more

Advisory Group Backs Tax Breaks For FCC Incubator Program

More than two decades after Congress killed off the minority tax certificate program designed to increase media ownership diversity, the idea is being embraced by a key advisory committee at the Federal Communications Commission…. read more

FCC Should Stick With Current Diversity Criteria, NAB Says

In an ex parte letter submitted to the FCC on Monday (3/26), the NAB urged the Commission to retain its existing standards designed to increase the level of woman-owned and multicultural broadcasting companies in operation across the U.S….read more

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